14.1 How to Link

How to link is very easy.
All you have to do is to drop the icon to be linked onto the Kashmir map.

(1) Prepare File to be linked

Prepare a file such as graphic. Once a link is established and if the file is moved to other place this link is broken. Put the file where it can stay.

(2) Open LML file

Open the Kashmir.
Select [File] - [New] - [Link (LML)] and enter a new file name; "YMAP.LML" for example. Please imagine that the data base is a new map. On this new map you can add your own links and you will get your original map. If you change the data file the map can be changed. Create a data file every tome for your own purpose.

Please give a title for the data file.

(3) Link

Start the explorer and find the file to be linked.
Drag the file with mouse onto the Window of the Kashmir then drop it.

(4) Paste

Go back to the Kashmir. You will find that the mouse pointer looks like a document icon. This is the graphic file that you have dropped!
Scroll the map and click the left mouse button where you want to paste the graphic file to register it. You can paste the file anywhere you want, at the top of Mt. Fuji for example. The place where the graphic was rendered would be nice.

After pasting you will find a small icon there.

Using Linked Data

Let's have a look at the graphic you have just pasted.

(1) Click with Mouse

Move the mouse onto the small icon, then a title will be popped up. Click on the tittle!

(2) Can you see the graphic?

Can you see the graphic you pasted? Should any error or warning occur, there would be no tool for the graphic. Please specify the tool with [Link] - [File Type] for your graphics; (GV for example).

(3) Change Name

If you click the right mouse button on the icon a menu with many items will come up. Then select [Property] to get the property window. In the property window you can refer, specify or modify any information about this link. This window will often be used.
There are many information available as properties. Try to rename the data for instance. Click a box for the name of the data and enter the new title of the graphic. Then click [Ok] button.

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