14.2 Detail of Link

(1) About Link Data File (LML)

Link data file has .LML extension.
THis file has information about linked icon, map file for display, map data base, and default display position etc..

(a) How to make it

To make a new link data file select [File] - [New] - [Link File (LML)]. Then the properties will be shown. Enter the properties you need to make a new file.

Title of the Link Data
File Name
must be specified.
specifies the name of the map where the link data is displayed. If you need no map name please leave it empty.
Present Map
Enter the map data file name opened.
Enable Centering
enables setup of the coordination.
Latitude Longitude
specifies the display center of the link data file. The units are degree, minutes and second.
Present Position
specifies the present display position.
Enable Magnification
enables the next magnification setup.
View Mag
specifies the magnification for the link data file.
Present Mag
specifies the present magnification.
Name File
specifies the data base file name used by the link data. Please leave it open if you don't need the name data base.
Present NDB
specifies the name data base file opened.
(b) Save

You can save the link data base. Normally when you close the Kashmir it is saved automatically. This doesn't have to be done every time.
Link data file is always updated and it is not possible to terminate the Kashmir without saving it.

(c) Open
To open the available link data file select [File] - [Open] - [Link (LML)] or click  button  then select the file name to be opened.

(d) Operation of LML

Like an HTML file with the browser you can move from one LML file to another.
Click  button on the tool bar to go back the last LML file and click  button to go to the next LML file.

(2) How to register Link Icon

Registering an icon is possible only when the linked data file is opened.
This is not possible for the LML file that modification is disabled.

(a) Drag & Drop

Drag and drop the icon to be linked from the explorer to the Kashmir. If the icon is dropped the mouse pointer becomes a square. Click the left mouse button on the map where the icon has to be registered.
A folder (directory) can also be registered.

(b) From Mouse Menu

Click the left mouse button where a new icon has to be registered. Select [New Link] from the menu. Then a property window for the new icon will come up. Enter file name to be registered. In case of an internet WWW enter the URL which starts from http://.

You can enter the file name with relative path of which source path corresponds to the folder where the link data file (LML) is stored. (The present version does not support "..".)
If the latitude and longitude are known please enter them.

(i) About Icon

Icon can also be changed for every file. Further BMP or GIF graphic can be used as icon. Check [Select File] and specify the file name of BMP or GIF. There are no restriction for the number of colors and size. If you use 256 color environment the color may not be represented correctly. Please reduce the number of palette as much as possible or use under environment with more than 30000 colors.
GIF can use a transparent color.
If there is not enough memory space the icon can not be displayed although the icon uses cache and des not require large size of memory.

(ii) Disable Icon move

When you don't want to move or drag the icon in such case that the icon was made of BMP file check [Lock Position] on the icon property window.

(3) Icon Operation

Registered icon can launch an application based on the link data base of the Windows.
The link is established by extension of file name.

It is also possible to allocate several menus to one icon and the application can be selected. This function is identical to that of right mouse button of the Windows95.

(a) Launch by single Click

If the icon is clicked the first action which is linked to this icon will be executed.
If icons are overlapped these are replaced with one icon. In this case a [Folder] is displayed.
If you click more than one icons the linked list for these icons are displayed. Please select one item which you want. There are commands which allows to select more than one items.

(b) Menu by right Mouse Button Click

If right mouse button is clicked on the icon a menu for this icon will come up. Open, print in the menu are linked menu.
When you select [Move] in the right mouse button menu the icon can be moved also scrolling the map. Differing from the (c) drag the icon can be moved to the outside of the displayed area.

(i) open
The action menu for the data. The action can be specified with [File Type] by user. More that one application can be registered.
(ii) Move
The icon can be moved. If this option is selected the mouse pointer will be replaced with the icon. Click again on the destination point on the map.
(iii) Mark
register the icon in jump menu.
(iv) Property
refers the link data information.
(v) File Type
specifies the application type to the link data.
(vi) Delete
deletes the link data.
(vii) Front
If the link data are overlapped the selected icon is moved to top.
(viii) Back
If the link data are overlapped the selected icon is moved to bottom.
(c) Drag

Icon can be dragged to move.

(d) Drag & Drop

Icon can be dragged to an application icon and dropped there to start the application with this data.
This is identical to that of the explorer.

(e) Operation from List

If you select [Link] - [Edit Link (LML)] all link data are listed up. Each link can also be edited here.

(4) Edit File Type

Relation between data and application are completely identical to that of Windows. All file types registered to the Windows can be used by the Kashmir. The kashmir can also change the file types.
This operation is recommended only those who are familiar with the Windows95.
In the Kashmir select [Link] - [File Type] to edit while on the Windows they can specified by the file type of the explorer option.
If the menu is started extensions and file types are listed up. More than one extensions may be registered as an identical type. Select an extension to be edited.

Then a dialog of file types will come up. Basically this dialog is identical to that of the explorer ([Option] - [File Type]).

Action item can be found in the list which will come up by a right mouse button click on a file. The Kashmir supports maximum 10 actions.
To add or delete an item click [New] or [Delete]. 
deletes the selected action. There could be some case that the deletion of data gives an influence to other application. Do not use this function as far as possible. 
Command line which is executed when the action is selected. The icon file is replaced with %1.
If the long file name is used " " is needed. 
Example "A:FilesApp.exe" "%1" 
Example   mplayer.exe %1 
Please specify as far as possible. 
Extension List
List up the extensions to be linked. Each extensions have to be separated by space. The newest one has the highest priority if it is defined already somewhere. 

(5) Reserved File Types

The following file types are already reserved. These types cannot be linked except for the Internet.

LML File (LML)
Link data file. This allowed many applications.

Instead of a file URL of the Internet can be linked. For example http://www.kt.rim.or.jp/~sugi can be accessed from the Netscape Navigator. Do not forget to start from http://.

Visible Area Map Data (VAM)
Visible area data created by the Kashmir. When you click this data a visible area map can be opened quickly.

Place Name Data Base (NDB)
Place name data base file. When you click this data you can modify the place name data base.

Place name data in YAMAOTAKU format. WHen you click this icon you can add place name data.

Digital Elevation Data (DEM)
Different digital elevation models. This can be any data file which can be read by the Kashmir directly. Click to open it to switch the displayed map. You can spare time if you have an iconized data which are often used.
For mesh file please select *.MSH and not *.IDX.

(6) Latitude Longitude of Icon

Latitude and longitude of an icon is the center of the icon.

(7) Small Tip

Try to open a link data file .LML with a WWW browser (^_^;.

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