11.15 Setup File

The setup of the KashBird can be saved into or read out from the setup file.
This setup file has .BSD extension.

(1) Save Setup

To save the present setup of the KashBird select [File] - [Save As].
Normally it is enough to specify a file name and click Ok.

There is an option to combine resource (texture) file into the setup file. Following is a description about this option.

(a) Combine resource (Texture) file

The KashBird has some setups which requires external resources such as bitmap referring by the filename of them. If you use always the same PC it may be no problem. For working with different PC or exchanging setup files with your friends you may have to send these external files together of the setup files.
You can combine the setup file and the resources together so that the file exchange can done without thinking about external resources.
To activate this option please check the check box.

For reading you don't have to take care anything and you can keep taking photographs.
To export a combined resource file to a bitmap file please use [Export Bitmap File]. If you register the setup into the landscape list the combined resource is extracted automatically and saved under the Texture folder as a bitmap file.

Combining resource require much space for the setup file. Please use this option only when needed.

(2) Read Setup

To read a setup file select [File] - [Open].
This is also valid for a setup file with combined resource.

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