17. Menu Reference (Kashmir)

INdex of Menu

[FIle] Menu

[Browse Data (B)]
[Open Digital Map on CD-ROM]

[New (N)] - [Compressed Map (DCM) (C)]
[New (N)] - [KASHMIR's Mesh(M)]
[New (N)] - [Link (LML)(L)]
[New (N)] - [Place name (NDB) (N)]
[New (N)] - [Lake (LAK) (K)]
[New (N)] - [GPS (GDB) (G)]

[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [All (L)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [USGS 1-degree-DEM (D)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [USGS GTOPO30 (G)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Compressed DEM (DCM)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Bitmap (B)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Grayscale (G)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [CHsystem's PMB (C)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [EVM (E)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [MAT (A)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [KASHMIR's Mesh (K)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [XEM/MSS/MAF (X) ]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Digital Map 250m Grid (D)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Digital Map 50m Grid (M)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Edit Map Information]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Select Map Datum (U)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Swisstopo RIMINI (R)]
[Open (O)] - [Map (M)] - [Swisstopo DHM25 (D)]

[Open (O)] - [Link (LML) (L)]
[Open (O)] - [Place name (NDB) (N)]
[Open (O)] - [Lake (LAK) (K)]
[Open (O)] - [Visible Area Map (VAM) (V)]
[Open (O)] - [GPS (GDB) (G)]

[Close (C)] - [Map (M)]
[Close (C)] - [Link (LML) (L)]
[Close (C)] - [Place Name (NDB) (N)]
[Close (C)] - [Lake (LAK) (K)]
[Close (C)] - [Visible Area Map (VAM) (V)]
[Close (C)] - [GPS (GDB) (G)]

[Save (S)] - [Compressed Map (DCM) (C)]
[Save (S)] - [Link (LML) (L)]
[Save (S)] - [Place Name (NDB) (N)]
[Save (S)] - [Lake (LAK) (K)]
[Save (S)] - [Visible Area Map (VAM) (V)]
[Save (S)] - [GPS (GDB) (G)]

[Save as (A)] - [Compressed Map (DCM) (C)]
[Save as (A)] - [Link (LML) (L)]
[Save as (A)] - [Place Name (NDB) (N)]
[Save as (A)] - [Lake (LAK) (K)]
[Save as (A)] - [Visible Area Map (VAM) (V)]
[Save as (A)] - [GPS (GDB) (G)]

[Compress Digital Map (M)]
[Export DXF file (F)]
[Register Digital Map (R)]
[Import YMD (Y)]
[Add Place Name (D)]
[Import GPS (TRK, RTE, WPT, POT) (T)]
[Export GPS (TRK, RTE, WPT, POT) (E)]
[Save Image (I)] - [All Map]
[Save Image (I)] - [Window]
[Print (P)]
[Exit (X)]

[Edit] Menu
[Copy as BMP(DIB) (C)]
[Copy as Image(DDB) (I)]
[Find (F)]
[Edit Place Name (E)]
[Edit Lake (L)]
[Edit GPS (G)]
[Mapping Visible Area Map (OR) (M)]
[Mapping Visible Area Map (AND) (A)]
[Overlay Height Model (Make MAT) (O)]
[Edit Map Information (E)]
[Select Map Datum (U)]
[View] Menu
[Redraw (R)]
[Scale of Map (L)]
[Scale of View] - [Fourth (F)]
[Scale of View] - [Twice (T)]
[Scale of View] - [Normal (N)]
[Scale of View] - [Half (H)]
[Scale of View] - [Quarter (Q)]
[Cross Section (C)]
[Measure Altitude (E)]
[View Options (T)]
[Select View Datum (D)]
[Computing Options (C)]
[Select Palette (P)]
[Memory Options]
[Data Depot Property (D)]
[Memorize Window Position (M)]
[Jump] Menu
[Goto Place Name (N)]
[Goto Lat/Long (L)]
[Goto KashBird]
[Goto Hindrance Point]
[Mark Current Position (P)]
[Mark Current Map (M)]
[Edit Jump List ]
[Link] Menu
[Property (P)]
[Add Link (LML) (A)]
[Edit Link (LML) (L)]
[File Type (T)]
[KashBird (K)]
[setup preview for Kashbird (S)]
[Make Movie (M)]
[Start GPS Navigation (S)]
[Stop GPS Navigation (P)]
[Add Waypoint (W)]
[Download GPS (D)]
[Upload GPS (U)]
[Upload/Download List (L)]
[Tools] Menu
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculation Option (O)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculate Highest Quality (H)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculate Higher Quality (E)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculate Normal Quality (N)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculate Lower Quality (L)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Calculate Manual Setup (M)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Continue Calculating]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Stop/Pause Calculating (P)]
[Visible Area Map (V)] - [Quick Profile (Q)]
[New Window (N)]
[Close Window (C)]
[Next Window (E)]
[Last Window (L)]
[?] Menu
[Contents (C)]
[Search (S)]
[About KASHMIR (A)]
[About Plugin]

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