21. Acknowledgments

I wish to thank Mr.Yamao Nozomu for his lecture of the theory about "Visible Area Map" and for many other helps and encouragement and further for his effort for introducing the "Visible Area Map"

Thanks to Mr.Ponpokorin for giving many advises to the calculation formula.

Thanks to Mr.Mogu the author of the "Place Name Data File" for giving me the license of the file.

Thanks to Mr.VERDE the author of the "YAMAOTAKU". Without "YAMAOTAKU" it would have been very difficult to develop this software.

Thanks to Mr.Kragen, Mr.Tamano Takeo, Mr.Mako, Mr.HIBI, Mr.TYF, Mr.Walstone, Mr.Tatsuhiko Matsukawa, Mrs.Manzokusan, Mr.ASTRO-KT, Mr.Kisaku, Mr.Kuwata, Mr.Takanashi, Mr.Kobori, Mr. Namiuchigiwa no Masu, Mr.Furiten, Mr.Mosurin, Noroshiyama, and gigo for their plenty of helps.
Also thanks to many other friends who gave me advises and helps.
Thanks to all who gave me useful reports especially from the Ver5.0Beta on. It is not possible to list up all the name here
Thanks to Mr.Zermat who corrected the YAMADB.YMD.

Thanks to Mr.Satoshi Iwamatsu for translating the help files into English and for his effort to contact with the Swisstopo and his demonstration of the software at the Swisstopo.

Thanks to Mr.Rickenbacher the leader of digital information system at the Swisstopo for providing the RIMINI height model, DHM25 and other useful information about the Switzerland's coordination system.

Thanks to Mr.Tamano Takeo for allowing his document in the @nifty FYAMAP to be used in the help file (Let's try to create a Movie).

Thanks to the member of the @nifty Forum Mountain and Map (FYAMAP) for their many encouragement and many helps which were positive pressure for me. Without them the development of this software would have been impossible.
Thanks to the member of the @nifty Forum PC GPS (FGPS) for their help concerning the implementation of the GPS functions. Especially I wish a special thank to Mr.Nakazawa for his cooperation. I.D.A co. and RightStuff co. helped by monitor leasing of GPS equipment.

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