22. Copyrights

Please write your opinion, bug information, and proposals, if youhave, to the Kashmir User's Board, @nifty  FYAMAP or send me mail. Further development of the Kashmir depends on your messages and mails.

The all rights of this program, attatched program, and attached data are reserved by the author.

The author is not liable for any consequential dameges caused by this software.

This program can be distributed only under following conditions.

About attached YAMADB.NDB Attention for using digital map "Mountain Name Data File" is copyrighted by Mr.Mogu.
"Yamaotaku" is copyrighted by Mr.VERDE
"MoV" is copyrighted by Mr.Kragen
"Iromiru" is copyrighted by Mr.Tamano Takeo.
"LHA" is copyrighted by Mr.Yoshizaki
Copyright (C)1994-2000 SUGIMOTO Tomohiko.

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