8. Panorama Function / Using Visible Area Data

To display the calculated Visible Area Data please follow the way below.
It is possible to display without map data.

(1) Open "Visible Area Data"

Select [File] - [Open] - [Visible Area Map] or click button. Then select the data to be opened.
After reading the file the Visible Area Map will be displayed.
From the areas which are painted in purple as default you can see the target mountain. These areas are called visible area.
The color of the visible area can be modified by selecting [View] - [View Options].

The displayed "Visible Area Map" shows the center of the map. Change the location by the scroll bar if you see nothing where no map data exist. This occurs when the visible area is too large.

For zooming click the right mouse button on the map and select [Scale of View] - [Expand] or [Shrink]. Then click the light mouse button where you want to zoom on the map.
Zoom factor can be changed during the mouse movement by clicking the right mouse button.

(2) Close Visible Area Data
To dismiss the displaying of the "Visible Area Data" and recall the normal map view select [File] - [Close] - [Visible Area Map].
(3) Displaying 3D Visible Area Map
The visible area map can be displayed in 3D.

(1) Read the visible area map or calculate it.

Open KashBird and select [Setups] - [Scenery] then click [Detail]. Then check [Enable VAM Mapping] in the [Mapping] tab.
After taking a picture the visible area map is mapped onto the 3D picture.
The color on the visible area can be the same as one on the map or modified separately.
This mapping is not possible for [(Quick) Flat shading] scenery.

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