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KASHMIR 3D Ver 8.0.9 Beta available (Mar.23,2004)
Download now.
This is Beta Version.
Fixed bugs.

KASHMIR 3D Ver 8.0.8 Beta available (Mar.11,2004)
Download now.
This is Beta Version.
Two new plugins (SRTM plugin and USGS Map plugin) were released together.
They are included in this package.

KASHMIR 3D Ver 6.13 available (Jul.30,2000)
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Kashmir was appended many features.
Kashmir supports for DHM25! (Digital Height Model of Swisstopo)

Fixed bugs. Kashmir 3D Ver 5.52 available! Update now!. (Jan.29)
With new CG technology Kashmir 3D Ver 5.51 available! (Dec.24)
User's manual available! Online manual is Here!. (Dec.24)
Upload new CG movie. Movie Gallery. (Dec.17)
Renewal of CG Gallery. (Dec.17)
Kashmir supports for RIMINI ! (Digital Height Model of Swisstopo)(Sep.2)
Kashmir User's Board was opened.(May.15)

@About Kashmir..

It's a software for making landscape CG or amuzing 3D maps.
You can render a beatiful landscape CG on your PC.
You can use USGS's DEMs, Grayscale Bitmaps and so on.
You can know which mountain you can see from your home.
Support for 3D Navigation by GPS Receiver.

Support for Full-Raytracing rendering and Z-Buffer rendering.
Support for rendering clouds, fog, snow and mist.
Support for depth of focus.

@Kashmiris a free software for Windows95,98,WindowsNT 4.0,2000 or later.

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What's New Update Informations.
Cool Sites Related Landscape CG, Map and Mountain

Introduction About Kashmir. (Japanese Only)
Kashmir's News What's New!(Japanese Only)
Download Kashmir Ver6.13 and Original DEMs Downlodable.

User's Links
Kashmir 3D User's Links
List of features List of features. (Japanese Only)
User's Manual Online manual.(same manual of package).
FAQ FAQ for Kashmir 3D.
Hints of realtime 3D Hints of realtime 3D.
CG Gallery Made with version 5.0 or later.
Movie Gallery Movie with Kashmir 3D.
Lake Gallery Made with previous version.
Visible Area Maps Visible Area Map Downloadable.(Japanese)

3D Landscape CG
Digital Elevation Models(DEM) Japanese Only.
Digital height Models of Switzerland You can get Digital Height Models of Switzerland. (Japanese)
Digital height Models of Germany You can get Digital Height Models of Germany. (Japanese)
Tips for 3D landscape CG Kashmir's tips..(Japanese)
Information of 3D Landscape Software List of Software. (Japanese)

Other Contents
Photograph of Mountain and Nature Original Photographs.
Text Archive Original Text. (Japanese).
Landscape CG Made width CHsystem.


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This page was made width Japan Geographical Survey 50m mesh size 'Japan-2'.

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