11.4 Camera Azimuth

The KashBird functions as a camera. In this chapter setting of the camera azimuth is described. To adjust the camera azimuth following (1) .. (5) can be used. To adjust the camera tilt only (4) and (5) are valid.

(1) Compass on the Map

The compass displayed on the map can be used for adjusting the camera azimuth by mouse dragging on the purple part of it. The direction of the camera is represented by the arc direction and the framing of the camera  is represented by the angle of the arc.

(2) Control Panel on the KashBird

This can be also done by the compass on the control bar of the KashBird. The direction of the view is displayed as azimuth from the north on the ruler on the top.

(3) Dragging the Frame

By mouse dragging on the KashBird picture the azimuth can be scrolled.

(4) Scroll Bar

The tilt of the camera can be adjusted by the vertical scroll bar. The azimuth of the camera can also be adjusted by the horizontal scroll bar.

(5) [Setup] - [camera]

Select [Setup] - [Camera] from the menu. Then the setup dialog will come up where you can  set up the camera angle by [Azimuth] and [Tilt].

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